Project Description

L’Île de la Comtesse (Triangle)
Pen and Ink
11″ x 8″ / 27.5 x 203 cm

Drawing three of a three drawing series, an elegant and triangular house stands atop a cliff above the sea. L’ île de la Comtesse in Saint-Quay Portrieux, Bretagne is a small island a few hundred feet of the coast and accessible at low tide. In its center still stands the ruins of the Countess residence. I spent many years in boarding school above the town and often wandered alone among its cliffs and fantastic ruins.I enjoyed imagining and designing the architecture of this house with an amazing view of the Brittany northern sea. An intricate and detailed graphite pencils drawing that I often show students as a drawing lesson. A white mat and a simple charcoal colored moulding frames this piece.