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Drawing is making love

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Drawing is an intimate caress filled with love. You are not copying, you are not tracing, you are gently exploring possibilities. Your pencil touch is light, it is an extension of your feelings, may they be of love, passion or anger. You are conveying the intangible. You are on a voyage of discovery. Your feelings [...]

Oil painting, Acrylics, Pastel, Drawing, Pen and Ink. How I create a work a drawing or a painting, from beginning to end.

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It start with a thought or an image, although these words seems too precise, an ephemeral vision often brought by an emotion that I wish to capture and further address. It lasts but a second and leaves no details just the fleeting remains of an image that simply wishes to be held. This conscious initial [...]

2B or not 2B? Drawing with Pencil or Pen and Ink.

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Let your first pencil lines be strong, graceful and light. You are not tracing or trying to get it right the first time. Your first lines are simply exploratory. You are creating, doing at this moment what no one has ever done before you. Do not hesitate or draw the line in segments. Instead, let [...]

Oil painting, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Pencil drawing. What should I draw?

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Often a beginner will ask me what should I draw? How would I know is my answer. How would I know what you feel, what moves you, what you wish to express? If you were writing poetry, would you ask me what you should write? The answer is in you but you must allow it [...]