Oil painting, Acrylics, Pastel, Drawing, Pen and Ink. How I create a work a drawing or a painting, from beginning to end.

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It start with a thought or an image, although these words seems too precise, an ephemeral vision often brought by an emotion that I wish to capture and further address. It lasts but a second and leaves no details just the fleeting remains of an image that simply wishes to be held. This conscious initial [...]

Oil, watercolor and acrylic paint. What colors should I buy?

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For beginners or others wishing to expand their ability, the choice of colors and pigment is often overwhelming. With the fancy and often ridiculous names like Parisian blue or Autumn mist and the myriad of tints and shades, one is bound to ask where one should start? Because paints can be expensive, it makes sense to start [...]