Art Statement I wish my art to be seen as one would read poetry, hopeful that one would wander into its imagery. I do not have a specific message but feel compelled to convey the feelings that flow through me and attempt to create something beautiful. I work mostly with pen and ink, pastels, oils and acrylics for larger commissions. Each piece like in music calls for its own instrument and wishes to escape time and space while expressing the spirit that I share with a river, a butterfly or a tree.

“My art is a sensual and intimate caress filled with love and meaning.”

Christian Quintin was born in the town of Saint Brieuc, on the northern coast of Brittany, France. He studied at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris and moved to the United States in 1981. His work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows, in galleries and museums such as the Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Christian was represented by the famed Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco and New York, which gave its first U.S. show to M.C. Escher. He has also been the recipient of numerous public and private commissions. Christian lives in Northern California.