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Pastels. What Pastels should I buy?

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Pastel (soft pastel) is a dry medium that has been in use since the Renaissance and became popular in the 18th century. Pastel is the most lightfast of all mediums. Painters like Quentin de La Tour, Whistler, Degas, Manet and Georgia O’Keefe produced many works in pastel that are as brilliant today as the day [...]

Oil painting, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Pencil drawing. What should I draw?

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Often a beginner will ask me what should I draw? How would I know is my answer. How would I know what you feel, what moves you, what you wish to express? If you were writing poetry, would you ask me what you should write? The answer is in you but you must allow it [...]

Oils, Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic. What colors should I use?

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This is a most common question as many new artists do not yet trust their ability to choose colors. They are countless books written on color theory. Pages filled with long paragraphs about the nature of light, complementary and primary colors with a few images to brighten the dense text. If you have difficulty sleeping, they [...]

Oil, watercolor and acrylic paint. What colors should I buy?

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For beginners or others wishing to expand their ability, the choice of colors and pigment is often overwhelming. With the fancy and often ridiculous names like Parisian blue or Autumn mist and the myriad of tints and shades, one is bound to ask where one should start? Because paints can be expensive, it makes sense to start [...]